The Moon is a Lemon

The Moon is a Lemon: Collector’s Edition

The Moon is a Lemon
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There’s a fine mind behind these lines, and an open heart that is searching.  These, I think, are the keys to poetry, and Moseley holds them both in hand.
– Philip Asaph

“I like the honest mystery of things,” Annabelle Moseley tells us.  Speaking sometimes as an unrequited lover, sometimes as an awakening goddess, she gives us poems that issue from the darkness of the heart, carry the feel of sand and sea, and offer us a taste of the moon.  This miracle and mystery of a voice finding its register, in and out of time and place, delivers a world of promise.
– Norbert Krapf

In an era of poetic fads, Annabelle Moseley’s chapbook The Moon is a Lemon has a timeless grace.  Lovely, accomplished, and full of feeling, her work reminds us of what the best poems do – leave us changed.  As she writes in the title poem, “I have touched, / If only briefly, / What I never thought attainable.  I have kissed heaven.”  Reminiscent of the work of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Louise Bogan, and Sylvia Plath, this is poetry to re-read and savor.
– Kim Bridgford

ISBN10: 1878173251 – Birnham Wood (Out of Print) – Signed Collector’s Edition, very limited number available.

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  1. eRiQJuly 30, 2014

    Very nice book … and today I found out the moon actually IS shaped like a lemon 🙂

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