The Delaney: Journey to Banba, by A. M. Moseley

The Delaney : Journey to Banba

The Delaney: Journey to Banba, by A. M. Moseley

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In paperback and ebook.

Mira O’Neill has no idea who she is, let alone what it means to be a hero, but she is about to find out. When she encounters unearthly creatures, inexplicable events and eerie voices calling her ‘The Delaney,’ everything changes. Along with her brash neighbor, Caleb Coen, she finds a calling to help rescue Banba, a world ravaged by war and suffering from an ancient evil. Banba relies on the unique strengths that these two lonely young people never knew they had. In their own world, they feel like misfits; in this new world, they hold answers to problems even kings, seers and warriors cannot solve without them. On their harrowing journey, they find the strongest magic comes not from casting of a spell, but from the truth of who you are. This story of free will and sacrifice is imbued with elements of Celtic legend and lore, enriched with allusions to Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and rooted in the mythopoeic tradition.

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