Sacred Heart Consecration: Day 4

Heart of Jesus, of Infinite Majesty

In this lesson, Annabelle Moseley, poet; author; and Professor of Theology, leads Day 4 of the 33-Day “Our House of the Sacred Heart” Consecration and teaches “The Lesson of the Gifts” as a real-life example of taking on a Goliath. Beautiful prayers, devotions, art, stories, scripture and poetry are included in this podcast that won’t take much of your time… but is time well-spent.

Today’s Challenge

Think of something you can offer as a lavish gift to Our Lord such as: 1)in prayer, formally consecrate your children to Him (2)prayerfully offer Him your job/vocation/ministry as dedicated to Him and ask Him to lead you in it wherever He chooses (3)give to a charity out of love for Him (4)lavish praise or help to others today and in so doing, offer it to Him (5)offer prayers of praise and thanks

Question of the Day

When a loved one is suffering, what is the work of your hands?

What gifts are you known for that you bring to friends or family at special times?

Download the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus here if you’d like to save it or print it for reference!

Listen to Author Annabelle Moseley interviewed by Dr. Mary Anne Urlakis on her show “Vows, Vocations, and Promises: Discerning the Call of Love.” Hear Annabelle talk about what inspired her to write this book, what it was like to write it, why she decided to lead a Consecration to the Sacred Heart and answers to other intriguing questions.

James Tissot “The Ointment of the Magdalene”

Reflection on Art

James Tissot captures the idea of Lesson 4 perfectly in “The Ointment of the Magdalene.” Look at the reaction on everyone’s faces, and the hand of Jesus, outstretched in blessing. Look at the woman’s posture. Why hold anything back? Let’s love our Lord like that.

Our House of the Sacred Heart is the companion text for this 33-day Consecration to the Sacred Heart. Click on the image to get your copy today!

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  1. karenlee pizzoMay 12, 2021

    When my Uncle Johnny was unable to walk, I put throw pillows under each of his arms in order to lift him up without hurting him. I was able to get him in and out of bed and put him in his easy chair, etc. At times during the course of the day, he would ask me to change his position and those throw pillows were a godsend. I would have put the breath of life in him if I could have; he was there for me all of my life and I would have battled all the Goliaths in the world for him, but there are times when the good Lord knows best and we must always adhere to His Divine Will, “Jesus, I trust in You!”

  2. Annabelle MoseleyMay 12, 2021

    Wow, Karenlee. You and your Uncle Johnny were blessed to have each other, and you truly “loved him lavishly,” just as today’s show describes. Thank you for sharing this story with us, and so beautifully told.

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