Sacred Heart Consecration: Day 29

Heart of Jesus, Our Peace and Reconciliation

In this lesson, Annabelle Moseley, poet; author; and Professor of Theology, leads Day 29 of the 33-Day “Our House of the Sacred Heart” Consecration and teaches “The Lesson of the Child’s Blessing” as a real-life example of waiting. Beautiful prayers, devotions, art, stories, scripture and poetry are included in this podcast that won’t take much of your time… but is time well-spent.

Today’s Challenge

Let us pray with the pure trust of a child the Prayer of Trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque:

Jesus, I believe in Your personal love for one so sinful and worthless as I am

 (Repeat after each of the following: Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You.)

 I believe that Your love for me is from all eternity and that it is as tender as a mother’s love.
 I believe that You have lovingly and wisely planned everything that shall ever happen to me.
 I will never seek pleasure forbidden by You and will never lose heart in my efforts to be good.
 I will accept the crosses of life as I accept its joys, with a grateful heart, and I will always pray, “Your holy will be done in all things.”
 I will not be worried or anxious about anything, for I know You will take care of me.
 However weak or sinful I may be, I will never doubt Your mercy.
 In all my temptations…
 In all my weakness…
 In all my sorrows…
 In every discouragement…
 In all my undertakings…
 In life and in death…
 Heart of love, I put all my trust in you; for I fear all things from my own weakness, but I hope for all things from Your goodness.

Giovanni Battista Paggi “Madonna of the Rosary”

Reflection on Art

What do you love most about this painting? See if you can spot the 15 mysteries of the original Rosary, Mary’s Psalter in images held above and below the Virgin and Child. What is so poignant about what Jesus is doing to his Mother, crowning her even before the Paschal Mystery unfolding…

Questions of the Day

  • Have you ever been inspired to “keep going” by looking at a print, painting, or photograph of a loved one?
  • What person in your life makes you want to keep on persevering?

Download the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus here if you’d like to save it or print it for reference!

Listen to Author Annabelle Moseley interviewed by Dr. Mary Anne Urlakis on her show “Vows, Vocations, and Promises: Discerning the Call of Love.” Hear Annabelle talk about what inspired her to write this book, what it was like to write it, why she decided to lead a Consecration to the Sacred Heart and answers to other intriguing questions.

Our House of the Sacred Heart is the companion text for this 33-day Consecration to the Sacred Heart. Click on the image to get your copy today!

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  1. Linda SipleJune 7, 2021

    When ever I feel overwhelmed or complain, I try to catch myself being self absorbed with my complaints. I think of The Passion of Jesus and all He had to endure. I think of Blessed Mother having to watch such a tragic event as His Crucifixion. When I view the “Pieta” it quickly puts my weakness of selfishness in perspective. I think… how fortunate I am, how protected I am and how loved I am by God!

  2. karenlee pizzoJune 7, 2021

    My mother is the one that keeps me wanting to persevere, through bad times. I will admit that after my mother passed I had a very hard time trying to stay focused on daily tasks. I felt alone and empty because I missed the physical presence of her never ending love. I missed the way she would hug me and kiss me. I missed her laughter at some of the silly things that I would do during the course of the day, I missed how grateful she was for every little thing that I did for her. Her love of the Blessed Mother still resonates within my heart as I remember her waiting for me to give her breakfast, she would ask for her prayer book and rosary. That memory will keep me going on “until we meet again”.

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