Sacred Heart Consecration: Day 17

Heart of Jesus, of Whose Fullness We Have All Received

In this lesson, Annabelle Moseley, poet; author; and Professor of Theology, leads Day 17 of the 33-Day “Our House of the Sacred Heart” Consecration and teaches “The Lesson of the Bethany Cook” as a real-life example of answering the call. Beautiful prayers, devotions, art, stories, scripture and poetry are included in this podcast that won’t take much of your time… but is time well-spent.

Reflection on Art


Since Christ Himself was visiting my house,
I wanted to prepare my greatest dish.
I labored at the stove and meant to douse
the lamb with wine; instead, I drowned the fish.
“He might have let me know when he’d drop by,”
I whispered as I swept the kitchen clean,
and I let out a pitiable sigh.
Where was my sister Mary in this scene?
I searched, and found her sitting at Christ’s feet,
delighted by each story that he’d start.
I asked if she would help me serve the meat,
but Jesus said she’d picked the better part.
And so I joined my sister at his side–
and Jesus took the burned meal quite in stride.

—Annabelle Moseley

( from Our House of the Sacred Heart, page 181)

Questions of the Day

What is welcoming about your home?

  • What in your living space reflects your interests and beliefs?
  • Can you think of a time when you showed hospitality and knew it made a difference?
Johannes Vermeer, “Christ in the House of Martha and Mary

Today’s Challenge

Today in prayer, offer your heart as a dwelling place for Jesus, a kind of Bethany.

Download the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus here if you’d like to save it or print it for reference!

Listen to Author Annabelle Moseley interviewed by Dr. Mary Anne Urlakis on her show “Vows, Vocations, and Promises: Discerning the Call of Love.” Hear Annabelle talk about what inspired her to write this book, what it was like to write it, why she decided to lead a Consecration to the Sacred Heart and answers to other intriguing questions.

Our House of the Sacred Heart is the companion text for this 33-day Consecration to the Sacred Heart. Click on the image to get your copy today!

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  1. karenlee pizzoMay 25, 2021

    Before you enter my home, you see evidence of my religion proudly displayed. After Easter is the Lamb proclaiming He is Risen, “Jesus, I trust in You”, and two pictures of Our Lady of Mount Carme, and a Holy Water Font.
    Upon entering the hallway is a plaque “God Bless This Home” and on the other side of the doorway is a plaque of “Jesus, I trust in You.” When you come into my Living Room, the “entertainment” piece of furniture is loaded with Angels and pictures of my mother and father. My dining room has , of course, the Last Supper and on the opposite wall is Mother Mary embracing Pope St, John Paul II.
    My kitchen has a crucifix hanging by the window, and another crucifix above the doorway leading downstairs.
    Anyone entering my home has no doubt of my faith and I truly hope and pray that they too will feel the precious love and presence of God as I do. God Bless You, Annabelle!!!

  2. Linda SipleMay 26, 2021

    Karenlee, that is a beautiful description of your home. I want to live in Nana bell’s house Professor Moseley ! I love how you give special emphasis to every detail about your grandmothers home. That is what makes the memories that will last and be handed down. I love the passage of Martha and Mary. I also enjoyed reading that beautiful poem about Mary. I have re-read this narrative many times and realize that most of the time we are so busy doing tasks that we become distracted. Thus, we miss the point.Martha has an important role in preparation and offering hospitality which is an important theme in the Bible. Mary is only focused on Christ and what he is saying as she sits by His feet. This story demonstrates Mary’s higher theology in understanding that listening at times may be more the priority at a given time. The beautiful painting shows us that as Christ is talking to the sisters, His finger is pointing down to Mary which almost suggests Mary’s part in listening to the Lord is not better but richer in it’s meaning. In truth Jesus loved them both. When you use the term “Bethany Cook” you seem to be uniting a foreshadowing of the events to come. Bethany, a familiar place for Christ to visit with friends that he loved. Giving Jesus our entire attention in prayer first and all will come after.

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