Sacred Heart Consecration: Day 15

Heart of Jesus, in Whom Dwells the Fullness of Divinity

In this lesson, Annabelle Moseley, poet; author; and Professor of Theology, leads Day 15 of the 33-Day “Our House of the Sacred Heart” Consecration and teaches “The Lesson of the Blue Willow Plates” as a real-life example of waiting. Beautiful prayers, devotions, art, stories, scripture and poetry are included in this podcast that won’t take much of your time… but is time well-spent.

Reflection on Art

Which images in the plate can symbolize the Holy Spirit? I have counted three… which ones do you see?

Question of the Day

Did you ever help someone and found that added blessings came from your efforts that were not in your control (when you were the catalyst, and the Spirit took over)?

Download the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus here if you’d like to save it or print it for reference!

Listen to Author Annabelle Moseley interviewed by Dr. Mary Anne Urlakis on her show “Vows, Vocations, and Promises: Discerning the Call of Love.” Hear Annabelle talk about what inspired her to write this book, what it was like to write it, why she decided to lead a Consecration to the Sacred Heart and answers to other intriguing questions.

Today’s Challenge

Look around your kitchen for an object that brings you comfort. What is it? A special mug, a dish, an heirloom teapot? What is it and why?

Our House of the Sacred Heart is the companion text for this 33-day Consecration to the Sacred Heart. Click on the image to get your copy today!

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  1. Linda SipleMay 23, 2021

    The two birds at 12o’clock, small birds head with a body of leaves by boat @9 o’clock, the plate itself perhaps shows the work of the Holy Spirit living in all of us to be productive people. It shows people are busy and unified and constructive in the beautiful nature that surrounds them. God is present and personal in nature with man.

  2. karenlee pizzoMay 24, 2021

    After my Mom died, I sought solace in going to Mass every day. It gave me great comfort to sit in Church, waiting for the Mass to start, thinking about Mom being with me in spirit. During that time, I met an elderly woman named Lena. I though I was helping her by driving her home and asking if I could pick her up the next day for Mass. However, as it turned out “Momma” Lena was helping me very gently deal with the loss of my Mom. I would sit in her kitchen watching her make the coffee and something to eat; she would not let me go home until she fed me. “Momma” Lena and “Momma” Jean were the two formidable woman that came into my life, along with Jesus and Mary to see joy in my life again. “Momma” Jean would not hear of me staying home alone on Sundays, she insisted that I go to her house with her son’s family and have Sunday dinner with them. To this day, her son Michael calls me his sister from another mother. Of course, there were times afterward that I was able to help both “Momma” Lena and “Momma” Jean; but the help that they gave to me measured 100 times more. In retrospect, I have the memories of my Mom in the kitchen cooking my favorite foods through these two wonderful women. They brought to the surface my memories of my Mom that had been clouded in sorrow. All along I have to say that the guiding hand behind them was our Blessed Mother, Mary in heaven. Mother Mary has always been there for me as a child and now even more so as a Third Order Carmelite.

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