Sacred Heart Consecration: Day 30

Heart of Jesus, Victim for sin

In this lesson, Annabelle Moseley, poet; author; and Professor of Theology, leads Day 30 of the 33-Day “Our House of the Sacred Heart” Consecration and teaches “The Lesson of the Last Labor” as a real-life example of taking on a Goliath. Beautiful prayers, devotions, art, stories, scripture and poetry are included in this podcast
that won’t take much of your time… but is time well-spent.

Reflection on Art


Three months before your time, my child, you moved
head down into position, ripe for birth.
The world outside was unseen and unproved―
but still you leaped as though you sensed its worth
and wanted it. And though your world was dark,
removed from any touch except my hand
passing above your solitary ark―
you ate from my own blood; your cosmos spanned
my womb. Responding to my voice, you danced.
So someday when you’re grown and faced with doubt
because of grief or age, by fear enhanced―
remember how you once moved towards an out
you could not see. Wait―new life will begin.
Feel God’s warm hand above earth’s starry skin.

―Annabelle Moseley

( from Our House of the Sacred Heart, page 319)

Questions of the Day

  • What line in the poem moves you the most and why?
  • How does the poem relate to our final perseverance?
Bruno Piglhein “Star of Bethlehem”

Today’s Challenge

Jesus tells us in Scripture that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as the little children. Knowing this, let us now pray Psalm 131, a Psalm of David, “Humble Trust in God”

A song of ascents. Of David.
O Lord, my heart is not proud,
nor are my eyes haughty;
I busy not myself with great things,
nor with things too sublime for me.

Nay rather, I have stilled and quieted
my soul like a weaned child.
Like a weaned child on its mother’s lap,
[so is my soul within me.]

O Israel, hope in the Lord,
both now and forever.

Download the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus here if you’d like to save it or print it for reference!

Listen to Author Annabelle Moseley interviewed by Dr. Mary Anne Urlakis on her show “Vows, Vocations, and Promises: Discerning the Call of Love.” Hear Annabelle talk about what inspired her to write this book, what it was like to write it, why she decided to lead a Consecration to the Sacred Heart and answers to other intriguing questions.

Our House of the Sacred Heart is the companion text for this 33-day Consecration to the Sacred Heart. Click on the image to get your copy today!

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  1. Linda SipleJune 8, 2021

    All of the poem is connected to the Heaven and Earth so it is difficult to express one line. Yet this beautifully rich poem has many scriptural and biblical importance. Leaping from the womb as the baby prepares to embrace life. Moving from darkness into light is not just the light of day but the light of knowledge. The amniotic sac that nourishes the baby while in utero can also remind us of the nourishment of the Sacrament of Baptism as well as the Blood of The Crucifixion of Jesus. A rebirth back to original innocence. It will also remind us of the Sacred side of Jesus. It is befitting to have named your poem “Faith” for when Blessed Mary had Baby Jesus she did not know the events that would take place in the life of her Son.

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