We all need to grow in BALANCE; that is a given. It’s a journey, growing in balance throughout our ever-changing lives and the Bethany Plan will guide us!

What will help us in improving our much sought-after balance will be to discover whether our stronger natural gift is in Sacred Belonging or Sacred Beauty, the two charisms of the saints who lived at Bethany. As part of this, we will also learn in which gift we need to grow. Every aspect of our lives should be balanced in Sacred Belonging and Beauty. It’s amazing how much our lives can be improved in every possible category when we work to improve that balance!

The Bethany Quiz

Welcome to the Bethany Quiz.

Your strength and area in which to grow awaits you. Saints Martha and Mary of Bethany, pray for us!

Please answer each question, selecting only ONE of the two options that is more YOU. Which most closely describes you? If both are kinda you, pick the one that is MORE so. For each grouping of 2 statements, select the one that best describes YOU. Not your aspirational self or how you are sometimes... but the reality of what STRONGLY describes you the most.

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